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LP Live 1-27-23 Shower.MOV


The report outlines the huge benefits from this transformation. Unclogging city roads, removing the pollution that is choking major cities, savings millions of lives from accidents and trillions of dollars in health impacts, and freeing up parking space.

I believe that some 20% of the area of the Adelaide CBD (where I live) is taken up by car-parks, either flat bed or high rise. If these are no longer required for cars, or have a massive reduction in usage, then they could be repurposed for cycle parks.

That is true. Even if you look at the Netherlands, cycling is about a third of the most frequent mode of transport, cars about 50% and public transport and walking the remainder. Where I live it is about 5%. So even if we double or triple that, we still have a long long way to go. The Netherlands were a predominately car dominated culture until they implemented a very strong policy of moving to cycling over several decades. It can be done.

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