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Matthew Diaz
Matthew Diaz

Payday 2 Career Criminal Edition Pc Plus 20 Trainer-Cheats

During the beta test, Overkill Software will be assessing player feedback and, like the final Ultimate Edition, will be incorporating player suggestions. " The following members of the beta-testing crew will be getting free Payday 2:

Payday 2 Career Criminal Edition Pc Plus 20 Trainer-Cheats


  • CJ Andrews

  • Elmer Dormand

  • Craig Curtis

  • Joshua Martin

  • Kate Moss

  • Yash Shah

  • Erik Wanzer

  • Matt Larsen

  • Curtis Bassett

  • Hannah Grace

  • Beneivea

  • Doug Cifu

  • McGigi

  • Ducky

  • Simon Mccarthy

  • AlexandraK

  • Dan Fraker

  • Jeffrey vonKitzingen

  • Doc Johnson

  • Ashalbe

  • Brian J. Reeves

  • Ernest McCord

  • John David McKnight

  • Billy Sampson

  • Valet

  • Julie Veitch

I remember there was one particular question somebody asked about the payday he was going to get from the pay-per-view, like, What are you going to do with this career-high payday Nate was like, I don't know, probably just going to buy a lot of s---. I don't think people realize Nate is actually really funny. And some of his natural delivery is organically funny, but when he wants to turn on the comedic factor, he knows how to do it as well.

As a follow up Overkill Software announced in June 2013 the final prize was choosing players to contribute beta testing of Payday 2. Initially 20 people got the beta test invitation earlier than some others from the Payday: The Secret group and players that pre-purchased the Career Criminal Edition. More players from Payday: The Secret group got invited over time for the Payday 2 beta testing.

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