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[S5E22] To Plea Or Not To Plea ((FREE))

Although I wasn't at all shocked by her arrest, I was shocked it was due to her blood being on Mona's clothes. I was so sure Alison accepted the plea deal and identified her as her accomplice. We wouldn't expect anything less from good old Alison Dilaurentis, would we?

[S5E22] To Plea or Not to Plea

What are the odds that Colin would be going to see not just a Shakespeare play (which Spencer is a big fan of in general), but her favorite Shakespeare play, Hamlet, as shown in a Tuesday episode promo? That just seems like too big of a coincidence, which means he's either trying to coax information out of her when her guard's down or he wants to get her out of the apartment for some reason. (Maybe "A" wants to plant another blood vial somewhere?) Either way, his motives certainly can't be genuine. Also, please note the "A" figurine in the image above (far right). Is that a slight hint confirming his connection to "A's" devious endgame? Just saying. 041b061a72

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