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Mario Kart Wii was the sixth mainstream game in the series. Mario Kart Wii was heavily based upon Mario Kart DS and brought back many of its same features, such as the addition of Retro and Nitro Cups, and online play. In addition, Mario Kart Wii also saw the introduction of a new vehicle type: motorbikes. Motorbikes are generally faster than karts, though their smaller frames allow racers riding them to be knocked about easier; characters riding bikes were also capable of performing wheelies in this title, which granted them a speed boost although made them unable to change direction. Additionally, players could also now perform tricks off jumps or on half-pipes, granting them a speed boost upon touching the ground again. Also, for the first time in the series, Mario Kart Wii featured twelve characters competing in each race and battle, as opposed to the eight that previous games did. Mario Kart Wii featured several nods to Super Mario Galaxy.


I'll post my flyer lists up here soon.. In the meantime I went through a couple boxes of flyers & promo stuff from the 80's industry shows and picked out some of the cooler/unusual stuff & scanned it in. I have some Atari Coin Conection & Lost Bit newsletters that havn't been archived as of yet so I'll probably add those in soon. I should have some Bally/Midway, Exidy & Gottlieb tech newsletters as well. If you're interested in flyer scans check out The flyer archive.. There are about 150 flyer scans at the bottom of this page that aren't archived on TAFA as of yet.. as soon as they are I'll probably take them down.Atari Coin Excutive -Quantum on the front of the first flyer..Flyer 1 front back inside 1 inside 2 inside 3 inside 4Flyer 2 front backpricelist fronttest printout front Atari Starworld '78 flyer - features Atari UFO & Monza, both unreleased. frontAtari Story - official atari history flyer frontShow Folder scans - poor scans but good for pulling a logo..Atari '77 front backAtari '79 front Atari '82 front backAtari '86 front backMidway '80 frontMidway '81 front backBally/Midway '87 frontSente '84 frontCinematronics '82 front Sega '82 frontGravitar article reprint flyer frontGravitar poster small largeMeet Cinematronics flyer (great pics) front back inside left inside rightWilliams Telephone Company flyers (wiltelco)Wiltelco 5000 flyer 1 front backflyer 2 (has cool pix of the system 11 pinball board test fixtures at the Williams factory)front backinside 1 inside 2inside 3 inside 4Wiltelco 6000 (card reader) flyer front backWilliams Test program operator package. I got this from an op that had one of the first Joust machines. This stuff was unopened and still in the "test program" sleeve. I have the ROM board from this game as well, which has hand labeled ROMs. I still havn't tried them out. test program letter front The letter is attached to a 16 page catalog of "awards". When the test program was up and you got the certificate from williams you would choose an item from the catalog.weekely collection report card pad. there are 13 report cards on this pad. front of a report card back of a report cardsleeve materials Sente Today newsletters. I'm not sure there was more than 2 of these? The 2nd issue only has 2 pages worth of completely uninteresting text.. they both have good pictures though. issue 1 page 1 pic of snakepitpage 2 pic of a hacked up Gottleib Reactor being used as a dev test bed for Snake Pit!page 3 pics of Snake Pit cabs & panels lined up & some sceenshots page 4 "Sente meets the press" not worth looking 5 "The Sente system"page 6 "Bushnell to lead Sente"Issue 2page 1 "7 new games, sac II system, debut at AMOA." pic of SAC II, of which none are known to exist 2 booorr-ringpage 3 5 game screenshotsthe back cover is a map of Sente dists, and there was an insert in the middle.PostcardsTapper front backSente announcement front backSente system front backSente system front backBally/Midway NFL Football front backSega Gameplay cardsPengo "sno bee squasher" front backPengo "diamond Block Master" front backEliminator "two player tips" front insideAstro Blaster "advanced player" front insideAstro Blaster "battle-plan" front insideStargate test menu pamphlet front backTurkey Shoot "profit planner" front backVectorbeam magazine article reprint flyer frontNintendo Punchout Larry Holmes '84 press photo frontMoppet video price list frontJourney fact sheet show flyer frontXevious Invasion show flyer frontPac-Man Plus show flyer (it wasn't even called "plus" yet) frontVideo outpost flyer -(put your games outside!) front backSega Character cabinets - cabs shaped like monsters & robots frontHotseat flyer - motion base for Star Wars & Blaster front backPioneer LD-V1000 flyer front backRock-ola Fantasy flyer (actually a cocktail instruction card for the SNK game) frontNichibutsu company information booklet - very cool, at the least check out pages 7, 10, 11, & 15 for some cool pictures. I have a similar booklet from Exidy, I'll scan it soon.front backpage 1 page 3 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6 page 7 page 8 page 9 page 10 page 11 page 12 page 13 page 14 page 15 page 16 Qbert how to play flyer front backTaito "TV Games Series" flyer - shows a majority of their bronzeage games, very cool. front backinside flap outside flapinside 1 inside 2inside 3 inside 4Taito SI UR flyer frontTaito Space Chaser UR flyer front backTaito Space chaser CT front Taito Speed Race CL-5 (UR) frontTaito Space Invaders Part 2 CT frontTaito Blue Shark flyer front backTaito Kiki_Kaikai flyer front backTaito Ice Cold Beer Flyer front backTaito Zeke's Peak flyer front Universal Galaxy Wars flyer front backKonami Thundercross quick facts (show flyer) frontKonami Hotchase quick facts (show flyer) frontTechstar Macho Mouse flyer front Electrosport "spaceage technology" flyer (w/ Quarter horse) front backKonami Pooyan flyer front back inside left inside rightKonami Rescue flyer front back inside left inside rightNewer flyer scans. These are all roughly 300k & 850x1100. AndimiroMartial Masters frontProjection Game Monitor front AtariArea 51 / Max Force Duo kit frontCops frontSan Francisco Rush front American Laser GamesFast Draw / Mad Dog II front backCapcomSpawn fact sheet front Spawn front Street Fighter 3 front backSuper Gem Fighter Mini-Mix front CESGalaxy games & Pac/Ms pacfront backCentipede front Coastal AmusementsZero Point 2 front Data East Locked 'n Loaded frontDeveckaMTV Drumscape front back inside left inside right insert - collection reportFabtek Raiden Fighters frontGlobal VR3 in - vortek system front backinside left inside rightBeachhead 2002 - vortek system front backinside left inside rightPup - Beachhead 2000 front backVR Vortek system front backinside left inside rightVR Vortek front backVR Vortek II front backHanaHo GamesRapidfire frontICEBattle GearfrontEgg Venture frontFrenzy Express front backSki Maxx frontIncredible TechnologiesBig Buck Hunter front backGolden Tee '98 frontGolden Tee '98 tournament frontGolden Tee Fore front backfront inside rightGolden Tee Fore frontGolden tee 2k frontGolden Tee Fore 2002 front backInside look front backInternational Tournament system front backShuffleshot frontWorld Class Bowling frontInteractive Light Kick-It Pro frontHome Run Derby / Pitcher's Duel front backinside left inside rightInteractive Light -games front back inside 1 inside 2 inside 3 inside 4 Slide It frontIsland InovationsSportfishin Simulator Supreme front backKanekoGreat 100 Mile Rally front Great 1000 Mile Rally 2 front backKonamiBeat The Champ front backDead Eye front backEvil Night front backFisherman's bait Bass Challenge front backGTI Club front backKonami - "made to be played" front backJurassic Park III front backMocapgolf front backNBA Play By Play front backOperation Thunder Hurricane front backPolice 911 front backSilent Scope EX front backTotal Vice front backLazer-TronArcade PC front backiBOX frontXSG front backMidwayCruis'n USA uprightfrontCruis'n World kitfront Cruis'n World URfrontHydro Thunder UR frontOff Road Challenge UR front WWF Wrestlemania front backNamcoAlpine Racer front backAlpine Racer 2 front backATV Track front Downhill Bikers front Final Furlong front backFlick Derby front 500GP frontMazan Flash of the Blade frontPoint Blank frontPoint Plank 2 frontPropcycle front backProviding you with games that are... front Rapid River front backRolling Extreme front Soul Calibur II front Soul Edge Ver II front Speed Up frontTekken front backTime Crisis II single front Time Crisis 3 frontTokyo Wars front Wangan Midnight front RonboticsCoasterRider X-PRess front backSammyAtomiswave front Trophy Hunting front backWing Shooting Turkey hunting Deer Hunting front backSegaClub-Kart front backClub Kart MCRD front backConfidential Mission front backCrazy Taxi front backDaytona USA front backDaytona USA SE front backDesert Tank front back18 wheeler front backFighting Vipers front backGet Bass (50" only) front backHarley Davidson & LA riders front backHouse of the Dead front backIndy 500 front backInitial D front backJambo Safari 50" front Magical Truck Adventure front Maze of Kings front backMotor Raid front backMotor Raid Lease Plan front backSega Rally Championship (50") front backSega Rally Championship 2 front backSoul Surfer front backSport Fishing 2 front backStar Wars Pod Racer (33") front backSuper GT (w/ collection reports) front backinside left inside rightSuper GT (w/o collection reports, inside and back same as above. front backinside left inside rightSuper GT front backSuper GT Lease Plan front backinside left inside rightTitan titles front backVirtua Fighter 2 front backVirtua Fighter 4 front backVirtua Fighter 4 Evolution Front backVirtua Fighter Remix Front backVirtua Golf Front backVirtua Striker 2002 Front Virtua Tennis Front Wild Riders front backSNKGarou Mark of the Wolves front backHyper neo-geo 64 front back inside 1 inside 2inside 3 inside 4inside 5 inside 6Irritating Maze frontLast Blade 2 front Metal Slug 3 front backShock Troopers front backShock Troopers 2nd squad front Strikers 1945 Plus front backTaitoPower Spikes 2 / Bust a move front Team PlayStar Trek Voyager front TsunamiMechwarrior 4 front Tsumo front backemailmain page




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