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Read Six Feet of the Country by Nadine Gordimer - Free PDF and EPUB Versions

gordimers stories were first published in english in various collections. she won the booker prize for the conservationist in 1974 and has also been honored with the nobel prize in literature. in 1992, she was awarded the highest honor of the south african government by being made a member of the order of merit.

Nadine Gordimer Six Feet Of The Country Pdf Free

gordimer has published ten novels, two memoirs, and three volumes of short stories. she was born in south africa in 1923, the daughter of a jewish lawyer and a devout catholic. her father was one of the first to speak out publicly against the political system of apartheid and was imprisoned for seven years for his activism. gordimers life was filled with drama and tragedy, including a childhood influenza that left her paralyzed for years and the sudden death of her father when she was 18. at the age of 19, she won a scholarship to study at the university of london, where she received her m.a. in english in 1942. during world war ii, she worked as a translator at the british foreign office, where she met cassirer, a german jew who had been a classmate and friend of her father. he was a marxist revolutionary, a close friend of leon trotsky. she married cassirer in 1945 and the couple made their home in london. in 1950, she received her ph.d. from the university of london, and in the same year the couple moved back to south africa.

gordimer tries, in more than a dozen novels, to capture the intricacy of a moment in time, often a single day. as a result, the reader feels that he or she is living through the struggles of a society with problems of communication, not only between individuals but also with the traditional forms of state and family that are losing their hold on people and their lives. gordimer is particularly concerned with the signs that appear in the everyday world of a nation that is trying to come to terms with its new role as a nation state.


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