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Matthew Diaz
Matthew Diaz

spam-poke: A Lua Script that Spams Pokes Back to the Spammers on TS3

there's another type of malware that gets onto your computer. sometimes people accidentally download it. we call it malware because it's software designed to do something bad, like steal your personal information, damage your computer, or even make your computer part of a botnet. here are some tips to protect yourself from this malware.

ts3 spam bot download


spamcop is an open-source, free and easy to use antispam toolkit. it combines a huge database of over a million email addresses with a huge number of regular expressions (regex) to identify spam. spamcop removes about 85% of the spam messages you send. spamcop does not automatically delete spam emails from your mailbox. it reports the spam to your email service provider which may delete are free to use spamcop to improve your email marketing campaign. you do not need to register or pay anything to use spamcop.spamcop lets you configure an email address in a couple of steps. you can copy and paste an email address from your email client into the textbox in the spamcop interface, or you can upload a text file of email addresses. if the file does not contain a valid email address, spamcop will not allow you to add that email address. spamcop provides a couple of functions:

spamcop is a distributed, scalable and fault-tolerant spam detection and filtering system that consists of several agents running in data centers around the world. spamcop is designed to be highly reliable, scalable, fault-tolerant, and designed to be as easily maintainable as possible. it was developed at the university of california at berkeley and spun off in 2005 by some of its original developers, and has been in active use since. it was released to the public as open-source software in august of 2007, and is under active development by the community.




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