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Jurassic Park The Game

Jurassic Park: The Game is an episodic graphic adventure video game based on the 1993 film Jurassic Park and released for the PlayStation 3, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360. The game was developed and published by Telltale Games as part of a licensing deal with Universal Partnerships & Licensing.

Jurassic Park The Game

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The game is set on the fictional island of Isla Nublar, the location of a dinosaur theme park known as Jurassic Park. In the game, set during and after the events of the 1993 film, it serves as a miniseries consisting of four episodes, but the plot also focuses on the retrieval of a canister full of dinosaur embryos which had been lost during the film after Dennis Nedry's failed attempt to deliver them to the docks. The game was announced in June 2010, and was initially scheduled for release in April 2011, but was delayed until November. It received mixed reviews from critics on release.

Jurassic Park: The Game is a point-and-click adventure game in which the player uses a combination of buttons to progress.[1] The player controls various characters throughout the game, which is played across four portions known as "episodes". The game has decision-based objectives as well as quick-time events that affect gameplay as well as how the game's events play out.[2][3]

Dr. Gerry Harding, Sarah Harding's father, is the chief veterinarian for the Jurassic Park dinosaur theme park, owned by InGen and located on the tropical island of Isla Nublar. The game begins with Gerry showing his teenage daughter Jess, Sarah's younger sister, around the park. At this time, Dennis Nedry puts his plan into motion to shut down the park's security and escape with stolen dinosaur embryos, hidden inside a modified canister of shaving cream. During a tropical storm, Nedry's two contacts, Nima Cruz and Miles Chadwick, head into the park after he fails to meet them at the dock. After getting past the deactivated fences, they find Nedry's Jeep, and his corpse. They find the embryo canister as well, but are attacked by a pack of Dilophosaurus before they can use Nedry's jeep to escape. Chadwick is killed, but before the Dilophosaurs can kill Nima, they suddenly flee in terror at the sound of unknown dinosaurs with glowing eyes, one of which bites Nima, who leaves the now-damaged jeep and Chadwick's corpse behind and flees through the jungle with the canister and Chadwick's gun.

On their way to the dock, Gerry and Jess encounter Nima, who is now delirious from the bite and needs medical attention. They drive to the Visitor's Center, but are delayed by a juvenile Triceratops blocking the road. When Gerry and Jess get the dinosaur back into its enclosure, the alpha-female Triceratops appears and mistakes them as a threat, attacking their Jeep. The park's T.rex has escaped its paddock and approaches the Triceratops. While the two dinosaurs fight, the humans hide in a nearby maintenance shed, where they spend the night. Dr. Laura Sorkin, a park scientist who became trapped in a field research lab due to the storm destroying the access road, sees Gerry, Jess and Nima on a security feed the next morning, and sends an automated tour vehicle to pick them up. The three reach the abandoned Visitor's Center (in which the characters from the movie have already evacuated at this point), and Gerry speaks with Sorkin through a radio. Sorkin instructs Gerry on how to cure Nima of her ailment using a tranquilizer dart. The T.rex enters the Visitor's Center and attempts to attack the humans, but Gerry instructs Sorkin to activate the tour vehicle, which lures the dinosaur away. When Nima learns of a rescue team heading to the island, she pulls her gun on the Hardings and tells them there will not be a rescue.

Dr. Sorkin is the last rescue target, and they head out to the field lab to pick her up. En route, Nima gets into an argument with Oscar, clearly having history with him, but Gerry stops the fight once the group reaches the lab and meets with Dr. Sorkin. However, Sorkin refuses to leave with them, forcing Yoder to convince her by exploiting her desire for Isla Nublar to become a wildlife preserve for the dinosaurs. She finally concedes, but before leaving, she wants to put an experimental cure for the dinosaurs' engineered lysine deficiency into the Parasaurolophus water supply to keep the dinosaur group she has been studying from dying off while she is away. As she, Gerry and Jess do this, Nima tries to hijack the helicopter and escape. Yoder and Oscar intercept her, but in the scuffle, a thrown knife damages the controls. Meanwhile, Sorkin's group is attacked by a pack of Velociraptors which had recently been shipped to the park from a nearby island known as Site B and subsequently escaped their containment pens. The raptors force the group to take refuge atop the water tower. They spot the helicopter and call for help, only for the chopper to crash into the tower.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sorkin reveals to Gerry that she actually put her lysine deficiency cure into the park's main water supply instead of just the holding pens, which will eventually cure all the dinosaurs and eliminate Jurassic Park's lysine contingency entirely. As the two of them argue over the ethical implications of Dr. Sorkin's actions, Jess sneaks away with Sorkin's cigarettes, hoping to have a smoke. A Velociraptor attacks her, forcing her to flee back to Gerry and Sorkin, leading the rest of the raptor pack right to them. They are able to fight the dinosaurs off with the help of a forklift until the others arrive, with Oscar intervening by wounding one of the pack members with his knife and causing the raptors to retreat. Soon after, steam jets begin escaping from the nearby valves. Dr. Sorkin explains that this means that the park's power plant is on the verge of an explosion, and will have to be reset manually before it goes off.

At knife-point, Sorkin says that the dinosaurs responsible for D-Caf's fate were Troodons, explaining she had been ordered to exterminate them after their poisonous bite had been discovered, but could not bring herself to do it, keeping them alive in the quarantine pens for study instead. As Gerry and Nima try to convince Yoder to let Dr. Sorkin live, Jess discovers a grate leading back into the maintenance tunnels. As they try to open the grate, the Troodon pack returns to their nest and attacks. Yoder and Nima struggle to hold them back as the group break open the grate. They flee from the Troodon through the tunnels, but the group becomes separated. Gerry and Nima make their way to the surface, but everyone else remains trapped in the tunnels. Gerry tries to go back for Jess and the others, but Nima convinces him they can take care of themselves. During the small break, the two strike up a conversation, with Nima revealing that Isla Nublar was actually the ancestral home of her tribe before InGen bought it out, forcibly removed the native villagers, and built Jurassic Park. She explains that Oscar was one of the InGen mercenaries who originally evicted her people from the island, and she took the job of stealing the embryos for revenge, as well as the hope that the money would help her provide a better life for her daughter. A passing and partly damaged tour car (apparently the same one from earlier) gets their attention, and they use it to head for the park's marine exhibit, which they conclude is the others' most likely destination.

In June 2010, Telltale Games announced a deal with Universal Partnerships & Licensing to develop a video game based on the Jurassic Park series.[4][5] Joel Dreskin, the director of marketing for Telltale, said that Universal "didn't want another dinosaur shooting game. That's something from their side that interested them in Telltale Games as a partner for the property".[6] Development was already underway at the time of the announcement, at which point there was a possibility of actors from the film series reprising their roles for the game.[7]

The game was developed as a direct sequel to the first film.[6] Telltale worked with some of the film's creators to ensure the game would be accurate,[7] and the development team studied the films to recreate their appearance and pacing.[6] Universal gave Telltale a large amount of creative freedom to develop the game.[8] Gerry Harding, who had a minor part in the first film, is the only character from the film to appear in the game, while the others are original characters created by Telltale.[9] The game includes portions of Jurassic Park that were not seen in the film, including tunnels and a marine exhibit.[10]

The dinosaurs' behavior was based on the behavior of present-day animals, as well as dinosaur behavior featured in the Jurassic Park films. A paleontologist also advised the development team on possible dinosaur behavior.[8] The gameplay was heavily influenced by the 2010 video game Heavy Rain.[6][9] It is the first game by Telltale in which the player's character can be killed.[2] The first images from the game were released in January 2011.[6]

When the game was announced, it was to be published shortly after the release of a new Back to the Future video game, which was scheduled to go on sale in winter 2010.[4][11] The game was to be published for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and unspecified home video game consoles.[12][13] The game's title and a trailer were unveiled in February 2011, with a planned release date of April 2011 for the first of several downloadable episodes.[14][15][3][16]

The game was delayed until fall 2011. Telltale co-founder Dan Connors said: "The game's mechanics and storytelling have come together in such a way that we see great potential, so much so that we feel we can push these elements to the next level if we spend some extra time working on them". People who pre-ordered the game were given a refund and the choice of a free Telltale game.[17][18] Telltale specified the home game consoles on which the game would be released: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 version would be released as a physical disc with all episodes, while the game would be released as individual downloadable episodes for the other platforms.[12][13][19] 041b061a72




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